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Do you have questions about garage doors, openers and their accessories? Find smart, short answers right here

What is the difference between a two and three-layer garage door?

The three-layer models have an additional layer of steel. This layer works to provide better protection from damage to the core. It helps to increase the R-value of the door as well. Our specialists in garage door repair Dumont explain that the three-layer models have better sound proofing which is an added benefit.

Is a bottom seal better compared to a threshold seal?

Yes, it is the better choice. The threshold seal is attached to the floor of the garage. It can stop water, but it does not cover the bottom of the door. Hence, the bottom is still exposed to water damage. The bottom seal provides better protection from water when it is properly installed.

What is a screw drive opener?

This type of garage door opener features a direct steel drive without any chains, belts, or gears. It is very reliable as it is more powerful than other garage door openers. The design is very simple, but efficient. It utilizes power with minimal loss in force.

Can I have my garage door painted?

Most residential garage doors can actually be painted. Our door specialists in Dumont recommend that you read the manual for precise painting instructions. There are numerous color schemes available for you to select. You can choose one from several color options to complement the look of your home.

Will third party remote controls work on a brand name door opener?

Many third party sellers sell remote controls that can be used for various brands of door openers. According to our garage door repair specialists, these remote control units usually work and are even operational for longer distances. They are programmable so you will have to do some programming before you can use them.

Are steel garage doors the best type?

It depends on different factors such as the area you live in, the prevailing climate of the area and whatnot. Steel garage doors are very strong and can withstand decades of use and abuse and they require minimal maintenance, if at all. They serve their purpose and provide aesthetics to the whole house as well.

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