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Do you want to prevent garage door accidents? Read here the best tips about garage door maintenance.

Repaint your garage door annually

With repainting, you will protect the panels from water damage. Generally, repainting is essential for both wood and metal garage doors. If you do not want to use water-resistant paint, you can use stain with the same properties. You have to apply the product to each and every inch of the door's surface.

Never attempt to fix garage door springs on your own

The technicians of our garage door repair company explain that the springs are under great tension. If they are damaged, deformed or broken, even touching them can lead to a serious accident. At the same time, they have to be repaired instantly as the door cannot operate effectively and safely without them.

Polystyrene panels for garage doors

This is an excellent form of insulation that does not cost an arm and leg. In fact, we recommend them because they can hold up even in exceptionally high temperatures. That means that you can cater for aluminum installations by adding foam within the hollow gaps. Others prefer to spray it on for better results.

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